Hermit Writers and AR Haters: Send Me Your Feedback


Martha @ Athena's Head

My article “How to Be a Hermit Without Pissing off Your Family” published this week on Talking Writing. Here’s a taste:

My husband is a genuine extrovert and multitasking warrior. This can be a good prod to an introvert like me. It also means frequent interruptions. Even our dinnertime conversations feel like twelve-dimensional chess with three players. My son is eleven years old, so he has an excuse (sort of) for barraging me with non sequiturs and jokes from The Big Bang Theory. My husband, well….

I almost titled this piece “People-Wrangling for Dummies.”

"Advice Without Boundaries" @ Nina Paley

“Advice Without Boundaries” @ Nina Paley

I’d love hear from other would-be hermit writers out there (yes, you!), because I may develop the topic into another article in the near future. The comments on my TW piece so far have been great—check out TW or #hermitsunite on Twitter.

I’m also contemplating a new piece about the AR (Accelerated Reading) program. I just received a very interesting comment on it from one middle-school parent. He took one of the AR tests himself and was not pleased with the result.

So, teachers, parents, and readers: If you’ve got feedback for me about AR, pro or con, please send it along. You can either leave it as a comment here or get in touch with me via the Contact page of Athena’s Head. Cheers!

Many thanks to cartoonist Nina Paley for allowing TW to use a couple of her witty “Mimi and Eunice” strips with my “Hermit” article.