Bio Note

Martha Nichols

Martha Nichols is Editor in Chief of Talking Writing, a digital magazine and 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. She’s also a contributing editor at Women’s Review of Books (WRB) and a faculty instructor in the journalism program at the Harvard University Extension School, where she teaches magazine writing and first-person journalism.

A former associate editor at the Harvard Business Review and WRB, Martha has published many feature reviews—including  “A Profound Absence,” a thirtieth-anniversary tribute to Women’s Review of Books that reflects on the continuing dearth of female bylines in elite magazines. Martha’s features and essays have appeared in HBR, Utne Reader, Christian Science Monitor, Adoptive Families, Brain, Child magazine, and Salon, among other journals.

She has been a reporter for Youth Today, a national newspaper on youth services. In 2000, she appeared as a commentator in a CNN feature discussing the book Home Comforts.

Martha has served as a structural editor and book doctor for many business titles from Oxford University Press, including The Evolution of a Manufacturing System at Toyota, Enabling Knowledge Creation, and A Stitch in Time: Lean Retailing and the Transformation of Manufacturing. In 2001, she edited the MIT report on women and engineering. In 1998, she edited a consulting report on knowledge workers in Korea for Monitor Company.

Her editing areas of expertise include women’s studies, social science, business, organizational behavior, media, literature, education, and information technology. She has designed award-winning educational software for Sunburst Communications.

In addition to her Athena’s Head blog—which received many Editor’s Picks while part of Open Salon—she was the founding editor of Adopt-a-tude. She started the WRB blog (Women = Books) and managed it until spring 2011.

Martha is also a fiction writer, a poet, and an adoptive mom.