TW’s New Issue: “Distraction”

"Is Everybody Harpo?" (public domain)

“Is Everybody Harpo?” (public domain)

This week, the Fall 2013 issue of Talking Writing has launched on a new website with a great new look.

“Distraction” is the issue theme, and over the next two months, TW will publish many takes on the ways writers stay focused—or don’t.

As I point out in “The Reluctant Multitasker,” my Editor’s Note: “Distraction is the attention thief with a zillion faces: kids, spouses, parents, day jobs, meetings, social occasions, Tumblr, the lure of the next episode of Game of Thrones.”

Here’s a taste of my distracted life as a writer, editor, and mom:

“My average day resembles a Marx Brothers movie rather than the blissful peace of days spent in a cabin. My eleven-year-old son yells ‘Boo!’ every time I emerge from my home office. There are jackhammers, punk neighbors revving motorcycles, babies crying. I’m late for every meeting and social engagement. My personal email account mixes notes from friends and relatives, work requests, messages from my son’s school, political newsletters, and absurd quantities of spam.

Forget the muse. My attention thief looks like Harpo. He’s the guy honking his horn or grabbing my leg, whether I’m sitting at the computer or under a tree.”

— from “The Reluctant Multitasker”

For more about the current issue, check out TW’s Fall 2013 Table of Contents.

SPECIAL BONUS! In a few weeks, Talking Writing will also publish my theme essay “How to Be a Hermit Without Pissing off Your Family.”

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