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In less than two weeks, I’ll be heading to Singapore for the spring with my family. I’ll be writing about our adventures once we get there, and in preparation, I’ve set up a new blog called “Singapore Column.” Please follow me now so that you’ll receive regular updates. Click on the link here or go to the “Singapore Column” option on the main menu.

Part sabbatical, part adventure, our travels will be fodder for all sorts of observations, many of which I can’t predict at this moment. It’s been a long time since I’ve thrown myself into this kind of experience. I have some trepidations, but I’m excited, too—and given the many recent losses in my life, I’m hoping this will land me somewhere very different.

I invite you to join me.

"Singapore at Night" by Andrew McMillan (detail); public domain

2 thoughts on “New Singapore Column

  1. This afternoon, I spent an hour or so in Starbuck’s writing a letter to Joan Didion, a letter she will probably never receive, to accompany a copy of my novel, The Secret Ladder, to be published in May or June. When I went online tonight to see about sending these things to her, I came upon your piece about Joan, written in January, in response to an Atlantic article. I don’t know your other work, but your writing about her and the woman who criticized Blue Nights was wonderful. I’d like to have written it but I’m not as knowledgeable or smart about her work as you are. What a pleasure to have read this piece and to recall the end of the book which does read like poetry – sad and searing.

  2. Sorry, my response to the Didion piece went on the wrong page. I was just signing up for your Singapore blog and wrote the note underneath my email info.

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