TW New Issue: Jan/Feb 2012

Lions and tigers and…form rejection letters?!

The latest issue of Talking Writing has launched, including my Editor’s Note: “Rejection Is a Dirty Word—Except When It Isn’t.” Don’t miss this terrific issue about publishing gatekeepers and the barriers faced by writers—including themselves.

Here’s a taste from my piece:

“Yet, like most magazine editors, I’ve been on both sides of the gate. After plenty of pratfalls—four novels and counting moldering in my file drawers—the editor in me also knows that some of those manuscripts aren’t publishable. They were practice. They were great raw material that never gelled.”

And keep checking back with Talking Writing throughout January and February; we update TW with fresh pieces every week. For instance, the haunting image below is just one of many by featured artist Susan Denniston that will appear in the issue. Enjoy!

"My Marks Exist for Now" © Susan Denniston

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